Mulch Vs Side Discharge

Re: Lawnmowers: side discharge versus mulching Joe, You can side discharge with regular or mulch blades, without using the mulch plug. I let it side discharge with mulch blades to prevent clumping under the deck on my sears tractor.

Lawn clippings break down more rapidly than almost any other yard detritus, which makes them ideal for fertilizer, compost and mulch. In decades past, gardeners raked up grass clippings and dumped.

6 days ago. Redesigned 48” Side-Discharge Deck (DS48). New 42” Mulch Deck Design. True cost of rider vs a walker-behind.

Mulching Vs. Side Blowing Grass. One of the considerations is whether to get a mulching mower or a side-discharge mower. Thankfully, some mulching mowers have the option of discharging from the side and side-discharge mowers that use a cover over the discharge. Manufacturers create the mulching mower a little differently than a regular mower.

Apr 16, 2018  · I side discharge out of my Simplicity rider and leave zero clumps ever. I started with a mulching kit and blades but too much grass was staying under there stuck to my deck and that is exactly what causes your deck to rust and rot. I switched to side discharge two years ago and love it.

With the mulching package, specially designed High-Low Mulching Blades cut and. Thanks to the DuraMax® Deck, conversion to side discharge is easy — just.

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Oct 7, 2016. If your lawnmower has a side discharge outlet, where a bag or chute usually goes, Consider mulching blades and close the side discharge.

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Side discharge, bag & mulch ready. Featuring a reliable Honda engine, this mower is the perfect mix of power and lawn cutting precision. The high-rear wheels.

A walk-behind mower includes the option of mulching blades or a collection bag. Some bags attach to a walk-behind mower’s back while others attach to the side. If your yard has tight spaces for the.

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Mulching vs. Mulching is where your lawn mower sucks up the clippings after cutting them off a shoot of grass and continuously tosses them under the deck. Side discharge or rear discharge is similar to mulching in that the clippings are.

Choices of Discharge Methods. Removing the clippings bag allows the rear discharge door to close and placing the mulching plug in the side discharge or closing the side discharge door leaves no exit path for the clippings. This allows clippings to be cut into tiny pieces and fall back onto the lawn for recycling.

When it comes to mulching and side-discharge cutting, the Honda and Toro models performed similarly—and admirably. Either could turn long blades of grass into fine clippings in mulch mode, and.

However, if your grass is short and you like the convenience of leaving your grass clippings right where they came from, a side-discharge push mower could be right for you. Mulch They chop the grass into very fine fragments, releasing nutrient-rich nitrogen into your lawn much faster than the long clippings from a side-discharge mower.

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To use a mulching blade, the mower — either side or rear discharge — must have the discharge blocked so the clippings stay under the mower deck to be mulched. Rear discharge mowers usually come with a method to block the discharge. A side discharge mower may require the purchase of a discharge-blocking device to use a mulching blade.

Oct 31, 2016. We've compiled a short guide to help you decide if mulching blades are. An operator controlled discharge chute closes off the chute keeping.

Mulching / Bagging / Discharge There are different ways of disposing the clippings: mulching, bagging or discharge. Some of the Cub Cadet lawn mowers offer all three functions simultaneously; other mowers can be converted with appropriate attachments.

Recirculation vs. High Lift. In order to do its mulching magic, a mulching mower needs to cut grass clippings more than once. In order to accomplish that task, it is equipped with a blade designed.

Side-discharge mowers direct the clippings back out onto the lawn — helpful if you have. Mulching works well if you mow regularly and the grass isn't too tall.

John Deere – 42 in. Mulch Cover – Provides your riding lawnmower with the ability to mulch. Constructed from an impact-resistant material for long-lasting use. Eliminates the need for bagging and disposing of yard waste. – THD SKU# 178452

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Mulching blades, sometimes called 3-in-1 blades, restrict airflow under the deck so more clippings can drop rather than shooting out through a discharge chute. This keeps more clippings under the deck.

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If you have a Grasshopper mower with a mulching package that has a serial number. useful when mowing grass in dry conditions and for a mower that can discharge clippings from its side. If you want.

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John Deere – 42 in. Mulch Cover – Provides your riding lawnmower with the ability to mulch. Constructed from an impact-resistant material for long-lasting use. Eliminates the need for bagging and disposing of yard waste. – THD SKU# 178452

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May 22, 2014  · Use mulch mode if the grass isn’t that long. Use side discharge if it’s really long and/or wet (otherwise, it can clump up in mulch mode and clog the mower). For years I’ve left whatever comes out in side discharge before getting a mulching mower.

Sep 22, 2006  · Mulching mowers discharge grass differently than conventional side-discharge mowers by using a special mulching blade that returns the grass clippings to the lawn through a continuous cut and re-cut motion. This process eventually drops the finely.

Jul 30, 2014  · I use gator mulching blades with my 54″ Bobcat ZT with side discharge, not the mulching plate. The grass gets chewed up real fine and disappears into the lawn. You have to mow a little slower and you might have to go over it again to make the clippings totally disappear, but the gator blades are far superior to regular lift blades, IMO.

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Choose one that delivers the results you like. Look for a lawn mower that has several different cutting positions so you can adjust the height of the cut. You may also want a mower that can mulch.

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May 22, 2018. If the grass actually is greener on your neighbor's side, it might be. For those who mulch vs bagging or side discharge, consider one of the.

Sep 29, 2014. During the summer months when tall fescue turf is not growing as vigorously, mulching and/or discharging the grass will be sufficient. But here's.

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